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Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin

The Children's Vipassana Courses to be held in Colorado


Children ages (10-17): 9am-4:30pm, November 17th, 2018


Longmont, CO

Event Description

Children’s Vipassana course in Colorado will take place on November 17th 2018, (children ages 10-17), 9:00am - 4:30pm, in Longmont, CO.

The course offers young people an introduction to Anapana meditation. They will learn to practice Anapana and begin to take their first steps on the path of Dhamma. This course is open to all children, whether their parents are old students or not.

Young people who have started practicing Anapana have realized many benefits. Their ability to concentrate becomes enhanced, their memory gets sharper, their ability to comprehend a subject improves and they become calmer. In general, they feel they have a practical tool to use in the face of any type of adversity or challenge.

In the words of some children who have completed similar meditation courses at other Vipassana centers around the world:

"I learned that I like meditating because it makes me feel relaxed."

"At school if I need to concentrate on what the teacher is doing or saying I can use Anapana. And if I am mad and angry I can use Anapana."

"I think meditation is very important in this busy world because it helps us to maintain a stable state of our mind and also it helps us to do our work with right understanding."

During the course, there will be meditation instructions as well as other activities such as games, art, and storytelling. The children will be divided into groups according to their age for many activities. They will be assigned group leaders who will personally accompany and assist them throughout the course, providing support and guidance as needed.

Adults who have completed a ten-day course can apply to serve the course. To Apply to sit or serve the course please click

Please distribute this information widely among your friends, family, colleagues and anyone else whose children may be interested. Download children’s course flyer here.